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The LotRO Kinship on the Landroval server
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 Howdy all

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PostSubject: Howdy all   Fri Jul 25, 2008 11:11 pm

Greetings to our allies in the Song of the Ainur. Just stopping by to say "howdy" and to keep the lines of communications open between our kinships.

[edit] Forgot to reinforce the fact that we do have an alliance chat channel - d'ho!

  • The purpose of this channel is to have a single unifying channel for all Blood Ravens, non kin memebers of the ravens, and any kinships we are allied to, or will be allied to in the future.

    the channel command is /joinchannel and /leavechannel

    the channel name is BloodRavensAlliance (yes I believe Caps matter)

    You will always be in this channel even after you logout, until you decide to use the /leavechannel command.

    it will be in UserChat1 so just use /1 to talk in this channel. So remember to enable your User Chat 1 filter with a check mark if you have custom chat window tabs already.

    Also, you can create a new tab and sort the new chat that way.

    To do this, rightclick your General Tab on the chat window. click create new tab. then rename the tab to whatever you want it, it will pop up right next to the IM tab. after that rightclick that tab and go into change filters and enable your User Chat 1 filter and disable all others. This way you can have the specified channel isolated so you don't clutter your general chat window.

[edit] And I forgot to mention that we gladly welcome SotA members over on the Blood Ravens forums - especially on the Mission Planning section for coop planning of fellowship, raid, or other special events. That site is:

Hopefully we will see more of each other in-game once the servers stablize from book 14 in the near future. Laughing Feel free to come over and browse the Blood Ravens forums anytime y'all.
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Dett / Gallandro / Zardor / Autolycus / Coogan
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Howdy all
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