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 Tips on the Forum

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PostSubject: Tips on the Forum   Wed May 28, 2008 5:39 pm

If you have a question relating to this message board, first check out the FAQs (which can be found in a link at the top of the page).

Here are a few things you might find useful in knowing about these forums:

  • To change your preferences, avatar, signature, friends/foes, etc., click on the Profile link at the top. Once there, there will be a variety of links just under the main ones for you to click on to adjust your settings.

  • If you'd like to change the color of your topic's title/the title of your thread, there is a drop-down box next to where you type the title in. Choose any color from that drop-down box to change the color of your title.

  • You can add polls to your threads in addition. To add a poll, click on the small + sign to expand the collapsed Add a Poll box at the bottom of where you type your new post. Then, simply type in a title for your poll and add poll options for members to choose from. To seperate your poll options, simply press enter.

Here are the different ranks you earn as a member of these forums:

0 Posts: Member
10 Posts: Ainu ("Angel")
20 Posts: Varda (Queen of the Valar)
50 Posts: Manwë (King of the Valar)
70 Posts: ("The Universe")
100 Posts: Eru Ilúvatar (God, "The One Father of All")


"Maiden of the Universe"
In the darkest of times, look to the Heavens for hope, and find strength in the wisdom presented to you.
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Tips on the Forum
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